pbw_21Mar19-142512-0004_PSMS - Copy.jpg

Dagga Boy (Limited to 50)

Image size: 610mm x 435mm

Paper size: 685mm x 535mm

£150 including P&P

Aberdeen Angus Calf.jpg

Aberdeen Angus Calf (Limited to 50)

Image size: 240mm x 360mm

Paper size: 400mm x 510mm

£80 including P&P


Puppies in Kennel (Limited to 50)

Image size: 300mm x 410mm

Paper size: 400mm x 510mm

£90 including P&P


Running Wild Boar (Limited to 50)

Image size: 520mm x 255mm

Paper size: 870mm x 440mm

£120 including P&P


Labrador & Pheasant (Limited to 50)

Image size: 250mm x 270mm

Paper size: 400mm x 450mm

£80 including P&P


Late Afternoon Sun (Limited to 75)

Image size: 300mm x 340mm

Paper size: 387mm x 465mm

£85 including P&P


Red Fox (Limited to 75)

Image size: 465mm x 230mm

Paper size: 545mm x 310mm

£80 including P&P


Labrador Puppy (Limited to 275)

Image size: 125mm x 190mm

Paper size: 250mm x 310mm

£39 including P&P


The Fox Cub (Limited to 50)

Image size: 120mm x 210mm

Paper size: 297mm x 407mm

£49 including P&P


Labrador & Grouse (Limited to 75)

Image size: 265mm x 295mm

Paper size: 390mm x 445mm

£80 including P&P